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Fondua brasil

Fondua brasil

Very sweet sauce to accompany poultry or exotic dishes


Ingredients: vegetable oil, hawaïenne (pineapple, sugarn glucose syrup, kirsch, citric acid, gelling: pectine, flavour), egg yolk, vinegar, water, dextrose, herbs, tomato powder, mustard (water, vinegar, mustard seed, salt, spices), salt, sugar, glucose syrup, whisky, malt vinegar (contains barley), melasse, soy sauce (contains wheat), sugar, lemon juice, glucose-fructose syrup, anchovy, spices extract, tamarind, herbs extracts, spices, hydrolysed soy egg white, natural flavour. Stabilizing agent: guar gum, locust bean gum. Conserving agents: scale acid, citric acid, malic acid. Colouring agent: paprika extract, caramel.

Nutritional value per 20 g

123 kcal / 516 kJ

12,2g fat

0,2g proteins

0,7g carbohydrates